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six. icons without text are not bases unless otherwise stated. with this said, please don't alter them.
seven. icons posted in this journal are meant for livejournal use only, so, please do not use them anywhere else.

one. brushes
two. hires images
three. scans
four. icons
five. wallpapers
six. textures/stocks
seven. layouts
eight. misc

Hello and welcome to ibedesign @ lj!
ibedesign is where ibejeska assembles her collection of original brushes, textures, layouts, icons, wallpapers, stock images, and scans. You can also find some random hires photos and other miscelanious goodies created/bundled together for your enjoyment.

one. if you take anything, please comment under an entry. Not only is it nice to know that others are taking/using the stuff posted in here, it's also fun to get to know new people!
two. please credit all original media posted in this journal, everything posted in here has taken time and effort to make/be compiled ; do not claim original media as your own!
three. In regards to high resolution images: if fansites are interested in using anything that is posted, i'd love to know. a little link back to ibedesign/ibejeska would make all the time and effort that it takes to save, organize, and upload each photo worth it.
four. DO NOT REMOVE THE TAG FROM ORIGINAL SCANS POSTED IN THIS JOURNAL WHEN REPOSTING! I spend massive amounts of time and effort in order to make them look the way they do. Please be respectful of the dedication it takes to scan, piece together, and edit each scan. Thank You.
five. hotlinking is just annoying.

one. any problems, questions, suggestions can be posted here
two. other people's resources that i have used in some icons/wallpapers are listed here the font used in all of the texture/stock/brush previews is called 'Cathie's Hand'. It can be found and downloaded here
three. if you would like to be an affiliate, please leave a comment here.
four. listed at lj directory.
five. the css code used for the layout of the community is a modified version of one of minty peach's designs. You can find the original here.
six. some of the art in this journal includes resources provided by other journals. you can find the resource list here

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